Beckley Club Estates Homeowners' Association (BCE-HOA)

The Beckley Club Estates Homeowners' Association (a non-profit IRC-528 organization) has been revitalized and restored in 2011. The purpose of the BCE-HOA, as set forth in the bylaws 2:1, is "to enhance the quality of life of the BCE residents by determining residents' present needs and their hopes for the future of BCE by developing, implementing, and pursuing policies aimed at accomplishing these objectives". (Click here to read the bylaws). In order to maintain this organization and accomplish our goals, we need everyone's participation. Please consider becoming a member of BCE-HOA. The dues are only $20.00 for the year and are voluntary (fill out this form and mail it or bring it to the next meeting). While we encourage everyone to attend the monthly meetings, only members in good standing may vote.

Monthly Meetings

Meetings are held the first Wednesday of each month. Please refer to our home page for date and location of the next one.

Ongoing Initiatives

Currently, there are several initiatives in progress. Alicia Quintans oversees the Neighborhood Stabilization Overlay Committee. Trey Grey continues to maintain medians and keep BCE beautiful by removing unsightly trash. Diana Aguilera is POC for the BCE Crime Watch. Hollis Wakefield and Marcie Dodd maintain the Facebook group.